Community Memberships


Cooperatives operate with a blend of corporate and non-profit structures. There is both a profit and social motive to the business and members can be both customers and take part in decision-making. Cooperatives also operate with seven key principles, defined in 1996 by the International Cooperative Alliance.

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Peppergrass Community Membership

Peppergrass is a community farm coop. We are owned by staff, farmers and community members. Annual Community Membership is $64/year. Membership helps us create a sustainable community network where we can share the following benefits.  


Our members will receive 2.5% discount on all market products.

Community Kitchen & Event Room

Our kitchen will be busy, but for a modest fee, members will have the opportunity to rent kitchen time to make their own food products or host special events. Our deli seating area can also be rented after hours. 

Market Shelf Space

WE LOVE LOCAL! Do you have a great food or handmade product that you would like to sell? Our members can snag shelf space to sell their products after vetting through our member product committee.

Birthday Box

Happy Birthday to you! We’d like to celebrate you by supplying a personal-sized box of treats just for you. Please order 1 week before your birthday.

Profit-Sharing Dividends  --- coming soon!

Yes! Money! We will be sharing our success with the people who make it happen. Each year, a portion of our profits will be distributed to our members in annual dividends. The remainder will be held for equipment purchases, programming expansions, and other expenses that the board finds important to the cooperative.

Governance and Direction

This is where we really need you! We will be governed by a volunteer board of directors. These directors will decide our strategic direction, service, product and programming, management staffing, and other policy matters for our community.

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